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1. What is the purpose of a Marine Fisheries Enhancement Center?
2. Where does the money for the Center come from?
3. What will the $18.7 million designated for a Marine Fisheries Enhancement Center project be used for?
4. What happens after five years?
5. Can the money be used for something else?
6. $1 billion was set aside for early restoration projects but only $627 million was proposed for the 44 Phase III projects – what happened to the other money?
7. Shouldn’t we focus more on the quality of our local fish habitat before we spend money on a hatchery?
8. Where will the fish be released?
9. Will the University of West Florida have a role in the hatchery?
10. How did Bruce Beach get picked as the site for the proposed hatchery?
11. Are there other forms of development better suited to Bruce Beach?
12. Would other development generate more revenue for the City?
13. What type of fish will be raised at the Enhancement Center?
14. How do we know that stocking of marine sport fish will be effective?